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What Yelp Doesn’t Want You to Know

Yelp uses an automated trust scoring system to filter unreliable reviews.

Yelp considers good reviews less reliable than bad reviews, so their system filters them more often. This particularly hurts dentists, car dealers, roofers and other businesses whose customers don’t often show up just to rave about them.

The system considers 3 main factors:

The company and its review history

The reviewer’s review history and “digital footprint”

The review: whether it’s good or bad and whether it reflects a genuine and interesting experience

As Yelp loses confidence in a company, it filters more and more of the company’s
lowest scoring reviews – and good reviews generally have lower scores.

So, with additional filtering, more good
reviews disappear and overall star ratings fall.

How We Can Help

TrustLink has developed "Reputation Medic", a winning program to improve yelp ratings by generating more positive reviews and raising trust scores.

Higher company scores will increase the number of good reviews and
your overall rating.

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Sustainable &

Not a quick fix, but a long term, sustainable solution.

White Hat Best

Our program is completely legitimate and will set you up for long-term success.


As a review site, we’ll show you how to get ratings and reviews working for you.

Great Results for Great Companies with Bad Yelp Problems

Multi-state Pest Control Services

1.5 Stars to 4 Stars in Less Than 1 Year

International Window Coverings Sales

3.5 Stars to 4.5 Stars in 3 ½ weeks

Local Attorney’s Office

1 Star with 1 negative review to 5 Stars and no negative reviews in 5 weeks

Southern Regional Cosmetic Surgery Center

Unfiltered 2 Five Star reviews, posted 2 Five Star reviews, filtered 2 complaints and increased rating from 1.5 Stars to 2.5 Stars in 6 months

National On-Line Legal Services

Increased reviews from 7 to 22 and from 2.5 Stars to 4 Stars in 3 months

Western Regional Auto Dealership Group

Filtered 11 complaints, posted 2 Five Star reviews and increased rating from 2 Stars to 2.5 Stars in 3 months

National Search Engine Optimization Service

Posted 3 Five Star reviews and increased rating from 2 Stars to 2.5 Stars in 3 months

Midwestern Regional Auto Dealership Group

Posted 1 Five Star Review and Filtered 2 Complaints in 2 weeks. 5stars

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